Classical Music also plays a key role in our lives, winning Gramophone and BBC Music Awards year after year and a client base which is second to none and includes SUPRAPHON, BRILLIANT CLASSICS, LINN, CHANNEL CLASSICS, Pentatone Music, Delphain, Audite and the OUTHERE GROUP, including ALPHA, PHI, RICERCAR, PHI and ZIG-ZAG TERRITOIRES.

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For over ten years RSK Entertainment has successfully kept one-step ahead of the ever-changing music and entertainment industries.

Offering bespoke services to suit the individual needs of a wide range of clients, we can tailor our services from straight physical and digital distribution packages through to one-stop solutions for full project or label management, in the UK, Europe or globally.

We have our own direct sales team covering both physical and digital retail, able to create retail marketing plans tailored to our clients’ releases and, with reps on the road, unrivalled access to the UK’s retail landscape.

Our sales team proactively seek out new avenues and opportunities for our clients’ products, which is always important in a fast changing retail environment.

Learn from Anthony Nocentino, an MVP with over a decade of Linux experience.

an listening to any one STYLE of music REALLY help you learn faster, improve memory, AND retain more of what you study? o back in the 1960s, there was this Bulgarian psychiatrist by the name of Dr.

(And it’s something you might not expect.) Let me explain…

Georgi Lozanov, who spent over 30 years studying the effect of music on memory and learning. In fact, he was one of the first people to discover music has a measurable effect on the brain, on a deep emotional level. He figured out specific STYLES of music can actually make your brain MORE receptive to learning…

DIGITAL & CONSUMER MARKETING – A clear digital outlook is essential in the online age of social media and here we work closely with our promotion team, or where appropriate, with dedicated online specialists to devise consumer marketing strategies designed to reach and stimulate the online community.

These might range from blogging to advertising, broadcast and interactive competitions and events.

The race to the edge, part 3: Where a fast food restaurant chain that can't always reach the cloud because its city is surrounded by a rain forest finds a way to move its data center into something like a refrigerator.