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In other parts of England, the archæologist has had brought under his notice specimens of the same practice. Clement’s Church, Sandwich, high up in the chancel.

These jars have been pronounced to be of Romano-British make.

Each trench measured thirty inches wide, about three feet deep, paved at the bottom with yellow glazed tiles about eight inches square, and lined or bounded on either side by a low rubble wall one foot in thickness, into which wall were built numerous red earthen jars, having their mouths directed towards each other, within the trench, and presenting the appearance of guns projecting from a ship’s side. Another solution is that they were intended to receive the ashes of the heart, or some other portion of the body, in case a canon attached to the church should will that any part of his remains should be so deposited.

Peter, of Mancroft, in 1850, where, immediately under that part of the church formerly occupied by the choir stalls, were found two trenches running eastward as far as the stalls probably extended, being returned towards the west where the screen stood, and discontinued for four feet at the entrance to the choir; in fact, lying like two letters placed face to face. A probable conjecture of the system is furnished by the jars at St. These jars were laid in mortar on their sides, and then surrounded with the solid stonework, “their necks extending from the wall like cannons from the side of a ship.” This was, in all probability, an acoustic contrivance similar to those already mentioned, but several explanations have been suggested for their existence, one being that these jars were used to burn incense, but their mouths must have been hidden when the walls were standing.

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Numerous instances of this practice have been found abroad, as in Strasbourg Cathedral.

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Below the jars in the north side was discovered a very remarkable arrangement consisting of two soundholes, made apparently for the purpose of carrying the effect into the north aisle.