Assess Your Respective Sexualities Though I find that most people overemphasize the importance of sex and sexual attraction, intimacy is a factor worth considering.

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If so, you either need a partner to like the same things, or you need to find someone who is fine with you doing those things without him or her.

Assess Your Social Circles Take an honest look at your friends and anyone else who is a recurring character in your social life.

Best friends are the best foundations for future relationships. Brainstorm different ideas to live within their means.

Have the girls make a list of "necessities" for living. Illustrate that it's not always about how much you MAKE, but how much you SPEND that ultimately matters.

Rather than asking him or her such questions directly, lay low and gather your information over time.

If you answer these questions honestly, you’ll have gobs of good information as you try to determine whether a long-term relationship with the older individual could work well.

We called this one "Pretty Pennies." One of our most fashionable ladies (that's you, Allison!

Have them prepare a "commercial" for the product they've come up with using those items.

Talk about the importance of keeping a written record and being able to look back on blessings, trials, and how you've grown. Everyone picks an item, then split them into groups.