Lets face it, love and lust can certainly blind people.

dating a girl with a kid-34

She might not be very good with relationships and possibly treats other people poorly.

If she can’t keep a friend, how could she have a healthy relationship? The thing is, most women lie about how many partners they’ve had.

Set the clear ground rules at the beginning that she can’t talk to her ex, and that you won’t talk to your ex girlfriends either.

I don’t know if you knew, but it goes down in fifth grade, from the DMs to school hallways.

They may not be exactly like you, but most friends share some things in common.

This is how they bond and how the friendship becomes stronger.

The discussion about the puberty culprit is one for another day, not the one being had here, right now.

What’s here and right now is my daughter’s entrance into puberty at 10 years old and the countless girls in her age group who are already B-cup deep in the process.

She wasn’t a bad person at all; she was actually really cool, but definitely not worth dating.