Though she doesn’t publicly reveal traffic figures, Heitlinger has more than 122,000 fervid Instagram followers (who provide an endless scroll of "Can I just be you?! She also has nearly 30,000 fans on Twitter and Facebook each.

Her blog may be niche, but her audience is large and, more importantly, fiercely loyal.

This has given her an advantage when it comes to negotiating with brands for her own blog, especially since, unlike many bloggers, she doesn’t have a manager or agent on her payroll. Money talks can be uncomfortable, but I like to have full control." That’s not to say running a business hasn’t been without its challenges.

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" she said, referencing her wardrobe that’s heavy on plaid, patterned turtlenecks, and hot pink.

"But my style has a little more of a mix now that I’ve been in downtown New York for a few years." Unlike Heitlinger, Sturdy has a full-time job working for a jewelry company where, among other things, she manages blogger relations.

There are times an entire outfit is, in blogspeak, "c/o," which is something sites are legally obligated to disclose.

The rules on social media are a little more ambiguous, and it’s often impossible to know whether a pair of Kate Spade flats has been deemed Instagram-worthy because they’re simply pretty or because they’re pretty profitable, too.

But they’ve managed to make a name for themselves, both on the internet and, improbably, in New York City.

Perhaps the most well-known of the bunch is Carly Heitlinger (left), a 25-year-old Tampa native who created The College Prepster her first year at Georgetown University. "I was barely passing my classes and I was having a difficult transition in college.

As luck would have it, I loved it, stuck with it, and then social media became a ‘thing.’ While I continued through college, the industry continued to evolve. to a working girl in NYC, her site hasn’t changed a whole lot, and neither has her style—which is part of the reason she’s been able to build such a big audience and, in turn, a big business.

At one point, I realized that I could probably use my blog as a talking point or a bullet on my resume to get a job." That was seven years ago. Crew was still making critter-motif chinos) and idolized Blair Waldorf. "A couple of years in, I realized I could make money from blogging.

She’s a self-professed rosé enthusiast and Soul Cycle addict who’s rarely seen without nautical stripes and red lipstick.

She has half the amount of Instagram followers as Carly, but 60K is plenty impressive—at least judging from the number of brands she regularly partners with.

"That’s why I’ve been so hesitant to become a full-time blogger. There’s no guaranteed longevity." Another College Prepster pal and a fellow force in preppy personal-style blogs is Mackenzie Horan (right).