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Linda and Billy, from Darwen, Lancs, first married in September 1974 when she was 18 and he was 23. 'We had a beautiful white wedding with four bridesmaids and around 100 guests,' she recalls, 'and afterwards we bought our own two-bedroom home.' Two children, Nicola, now 35, and Amanda, 32, followed.

The couple moved into a larger three-bedroom house. 'Of course we had our ups and downs,' she says, 'but then, what couple doesn't?

In fact, while statistics on remarriage to an ex are not routinely recorded, according to counselling service Relate one in four people regrets their divorce.

Considering that divorce and separation hold second and third place in the psychiatric scale of life's most stressful events (death of a spouse comes first), and that divorced people are about 35 per cent more likely to consult their GP than married couples, it's not surprising many find being single again isn't quite what they thought it would be.

'People congratulated us,' says Linda, 'and I felt proud that we were one of those couples who had weathered the storms and made our relationship work.' The couple even went on a celebratory holiday of a lifetime to Kenya.

But within weeks of returning, Linda, then 43, had sunk into depression.

Evan tells it to us straight - with humor, with passion, and in a way that will stick with you - that will actually make a huge difference for you.

We women have been sold the lie for so long that we have no power in relationships - and Evan turns that lie around and gives you your power back.

In this age of 'moving on', admitting you still love your ex might, however, be a taboo subject - especially if the divorce was costly and traumatic.