Then, we will identify the “must have” characteristics of the ideal partner focusing on emotional, cultural and other various affinities.

In this way we will avoid falling again into past patterns and mistakes.

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I am often asked how the idea of creating my company emerged.

The realization of Alcanda Matchmaking is the result of many years of studying at reputable schools and working really hard in multinational companies in several countries, which allowed me to enrich myself personally and professionally, although I think the true vocation of becoming a “matchmaker “came much earlier as a child where I learned lessons of loyalty, honesty and respect which are all essential values in any relationships.

It offers clear advantages over other “dating channels” commonly used nowadays; such as Internet and the new mobile applications (Apps) but also the old fashioned “matrimonial agencies”.

It is precisely because of these benefits the reason why our Clients place their trust on us by hiring the Alcanda Matchmaking exclusive services.

To do this, we meet them personally to interview in depth in order to be able to recommend them which type of Service (Emerald, Ruby or Diamond) best suits their needs.

Matchmaking is a personalized service aimed at finding, in a professional and confidential manner, an ideal life-partner for its Clients.

Find that special someone to share the rest of your life with.

Like in any other important aspects of your life you rely on professionals you trust; now you have a specialized service to help you achieve your long-term personal goals.

It is a personalized, private and confidential service for discriminating people who value their time and privacy and have not lost hope in achieving a happy life with somebody special.

If this is your objective, what are your options presently?

Successful people are by their nature reluctant to admit that finding the right partner may require some help.