Everything you try is your best attempt to win him back. This divorce is going to happen whether you want it to or not.You have tried all within your arsenal to change his mind but you realize there is nothing more you can do.

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Not every Valentine's Day story has a happy ending.

Consider the New Jersey man in his 60s who committed suicide after losing his retirement savings to an alleged sweetheart he met on the Internet.

Romance cons often involve "reshipping" schemes, in which you're sent merchandise purchased with stolen credit cards and told to forward it to an overseas sweetheart.

There's a new twist that Sluppick says is "growing by leaps and bounds" (though firm statistics are few because victims are usually too embarrassed to report it): Romance scammers are claiming to be soldiers in order to target patriotic women of all ages.

Exhaustion—After experiencing the emotional roller coaster of the previous five stages, you are totally and completely exhausted. Depression: Caused By Chemicals Or Your Own Behavior? Determined—When you enter the determined stage, you are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

You may not know your next step but you definitely know you are tired of feeling bad and become determined to change that.

Mostly these stages pertain to the person who didn't initiate the divorce, although some of them are applicable even if you did initiated it.

Depending upon each individual, a person can skip stages, get stuck in some, or move on only to revisit previous stages.

Or the woman in her late 50s now in a North Carolina prison, charged with involvement in a check fraud scheme orchestrated by an online love interest.

Or the thousands of other people who once believed they were struck by Cupid's arrow in cyberspace — only to be wounded in an online romance scam with shame, embarrassment and a financial loss averaging more than ,000 per person.

Pain—Pain occurs when you first hear of your spouse wanting a divorce.