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It was only three years after I came to the states and the book was on Good Morning America. Petrunoff married American - born Christine in 1990, and in 1991 they decided to move his native land, opening first a Chrysler franchise and then an Apple Computer center.

Both businesses were successful, and Petrunoff wined and dined with the new Bulgarian diplomats - drinking Bulgarian vintages, of course.

However, after 3-1/2 years, Petrunoff was expelled, because he had attended various meetings, and made friends with dissidents.

With the Olympics coming in 1980, the authorities got rid of the trouble elements in Russia, Petrunoff explained- and he was ousted.

I found a way to get my passport, and I booked an airplane trip to Tokyo.

A friend at the airline had given him the flights itinerary - and when the plane set down for refueling in Anchorage, Alaska, Petrunoff asked for asylum.

He and his family moved first to San Diego area, and then to the Sonoma Valley in 1997.

He and Christine have two sons - Troy, 9, and Christopher, 6, both students at Prestwood Elementary - as well as Petrunoffs daughter, Anika, 16, a student at Sonoma Valley High.

So Petrunoff and three friends attempted to cross the border on foot.

one of them talked to the police, believe it or not, Petrunoff said. Still considered a juvenile at 17, Petrunoff was detained and questioned, but he wasnt sent to prison. His father took a job in Russia so that Petrunoff could study economics at a university in Moscow instead of Bulgaria.

With the collapse of the totalitarian government in November 1989, the state-owned Bulgarian wineries had to switch to private ownership and new markets. (We sell) more to specialty stores and restaurants, mainly on the East Coast and the Midwest, Petrunoff said. In Sonoma Valley, theyre available at the Fruit Basket stores.