Winter can be magical, with thick snowfalls followed by cloudless skies.

Summer has the most reliable weather, although August can be insufferably humid.

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Gary Bubis, Raeder's boyfriend, was charged with second-degree assault, along with his sister, Brandy Shaver and her boyfriend, Shawn Whaley.

Police say Bubis' assault charges were made from another allegation that he forced a 3-year-old's hand into a container of hot water, causing burns.

She also had to work outside all day without food, water, or access to the bathroom.

Police said that in one particularly awful incident, the girl was taken to a park and forced to run with weighted backpacks while a vehicle followed her. She was tied to the back of the car and dragged for running too slow.

As scientists are quick to point out, correlation does not equal causation.

So what else could be skewing transmission rates upward?

STDs in Massachusetts STD rates among Massachusetts residents trail national averages, but just barely, and Kevin Cranston, the state Health Department assistant commissioner called the Bay State’s rise in STD cases “very concerning.” In 2015, nearly 800 people were diagnosed with syphilis – an 800 percent increase from a decade ago.

Gonorrhea cases are up 52 percent in the last decade, with 2,688 cases in 2015.

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Chlamydia is almost twice as likely to affect Massachusetts women, though transmission rates among men are also on the rise.