"Our best bud Jeremy had the idea to smash together scenes from some of our favourite games in a hot pile of ADHD-insanity. Go figure." They also released a free game called , where players drive around a racing circuit named after Toronto's Don Valley Parkway highway.

Shaw describes himself as "a huge fan of Pup," spurring him to ask if they were interested in making a cameo appearance in .

So-called "dad" or "daddy" culture is a complicated term, especially as its manifested in a multitude of memes and in-jokes on social media — some of it family-friendly, some of it decidedly not.

Hilary Duff just released the music video for her new single "Sparks." It's a hip-hop happening, postmodern creation — because Hilary Duff is a cool young thing these days, OK?

— mixing the traditional music-video-multicolored-hot-pants dance scenes with real-life footage from Hilary's recent forays into Tinder.

is a dating simulator where you play as a hot dad, and your goal is to meet and romance other hot dads," said the game's co-creator Leighton Gray.

The game features seven dateable dads, including a teacher, a goth and what the game's synopsis describes as "a Bad Dad." You play as a dad whose name and appearance you can customize at the beginning of the game.

Black Coffee", after Canadian bands Tegan and Sara and Godspeed You! also takes place in a seaside town called Maple Bay, though Shaw, an American based in Los Angeles, insists it's only a coincidence that this is also the name of a town in British Columbia. Now that you lay out all of the evidence in front of us, I'm starting to get worried that I'm secretly Canadian — which is also a label," he said.

Gray said the idea of "dadsonas" grew out of her fascination with furry culture, and the fact that they refer to their in-costume identity as fursonas.According to Shaw, the game is more focused on "the wholesomeness of fatherhood" and the kinds of romance that naturally emerge from that perspective."In our game, we try to emphasize that it is mostly about caring for another person, and 'Dad' isn't necessarily a gendered term," says Gray."It was sort of a ridiculous ask, and they thought it was ridiculous, and I think everybody thought it was ridiculous. The game includes a few other Canadian references and in-jokes — some intentional, some accidental.In one scene at a coffee shop, the player is asked to choose between drinks with band-name puns, including "Iced Teagan and Sara" and "Godspeed You!Go figure, it all began because some of Hilary's friends were too rude to stay off their phones during dinner at her place.