Parents need to know that this is the first book in a fantasy series that will appeal to Twilight fans.

There are some gruesome scenes, including a girl losing her entire family in a car crash and watching them cross over to the other side.

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Another teen is murdered, though readers don't see it happen, and two more teens are threatened. There's also some swearing, heavy petting, and one teen develops a drinking problem.

Even so, Ever is a relatable character and readers will empathize with her difficulty accepting her new reality.

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Fantasy fans who enjoy this book will be happy to learn there are several more books in the series and even a spin-off about Ever's dead sister.

" /Some heavy petting scenes, including one in which two characters almost have sex and the male character is described as pulling down the female character's underwear.

A teen is routinely described as "hot" throughout the book by adults and teens alike.