I had been seeing a guy named Jerry for about six weeks in my senior year in college. We were both single; I had gotten divorced a few years before and he had ended a long term relationship about a year before we met up.

Dating hermit video

He asked me on a date and I accepted with a smile on my face.

I spent most of that afternoon getting ready, wanting to look my best.

She has no television, doesn’t read newspapers and listens to the radio only rarely.

‘I used to listen to the six o’clock news, but that takes time and I had too much to do,’ she says.

Now her anonymous donor has been hit by the credit crunch and is being forced to sell up.

Karen faces being homeless within months unless, as she puts it, ‘God opens another door.‘I know that to most people my life is an absolute oddity,’ she says.

She prays again for an hour before devoting the afternoon to ‘physical’ work, tending vegetables on her three quarters of an acre plot, or weaving rugs on her hand loom using wool from local sheep.

At 5pm, there is another hour of prayer before supper and an evening of reading, before retiring around 9pm.

‘They will think, “Why doesn’t she just go and get a job?

” But I cannot conceive of not being here and I have nowhere else to go.’Karen’s regime follows the rules of solitary living laid down by St Benedict, the founder of Western monasticism, who lived as a hermit in the fifth century.

But the wider world has cast a shadow over her seclusion…