While he was in trance, an ex-girlfriend of his that recently passed away pulled him out of his body and on to an O. If you can make yourself disappear before your subject's eyes, you can do just about anything hypnotically. Mind Control: How to Get Others to Do What You Want by William Horton Psy D Although it may seem a bit manipulative, when your intentions are right when dealing with people these techniques allow someone to experience massive change or... Authority issues arise in two distinct situations: when a person or institution has power and authority over another, and/or when I am the person with authority.

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What I also really like about this book is that it has excerpts from this students that became successful and on their road to getting there. Tom Silver's Advanced 21th Century Hypnosis Training DVD ~ Hypnosis Trainer Tom Silver This is a course I have taken in person and the resource from where I got my winning group induction that is quick and effective. Self-Hypnosis: Its Theory, Technique and Application by Melvin Powers I let my friend borrow this book and the craziest thing happened... Derren is a genius and his hypnotic effects are completely astonishing. Fun With Hypnosis: The Complete How-To Guide by Svengali Being able to produce fun, hypnotic effects with people is really one of the biggest keys to success in hypnosis.

The author has been on dozens of national television shows and was the first person to popularize hypnosis in Asia. He read the first few pages, went through the first induction and fell into a trance. If you can stick someone's hand to the wall, you can help them stick to their diet and exercise.

In Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy we use a with couples in which both partners engage in age-regression therapy at the same time, next to each other.

This facilitates compassion and empathy for each other, an understanding of how their foundational childhood patterns may be conflicting with those of the spouse, and then developing new healthy behaviors with each other as well as with their children.

One parent may go of the other parent, recruiting the child to adopt his or her judgments about the other parent: “He’s so weak” or “She’s crazy” or “Don’t believe a word she says.” This teaches children to disrespect authority and teaches a destructive family pattern called “).

These deeply embedded power struggles, learned so subtly during our formative years, follow us throughout our relationships in school with teachers and friends, throughout our dating years and then of course into our own families.Hypnotherapy is most effective in addressing the current non-productive experiences in our lives and then to where they began.Most cognitive therapies may talk about these relationship issues and gain an understanding of them; however, the conscious mind only contains 10% of our psyche.Another devastating form of authority issues results when one authority (parent) undermines another, especially in front of the children or One common scenario is when one parent would go behind the other’s back to change rules, or would wink at the children to indicate “you don’t really have to do what he/she says.” This wink communicates collusion and teaches children not to respect the authority of the other parent.Another example is one parent who uses put downs or shaming of the other parent who was supposed to be in charge of the children.In psychotherapy situations, couples often come in stating that they have For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on this aspect of authority as it relates to working with couples.