To fill the gap, UN Women, UNDP and the National Statistical Office have recently compiled a “Statistical Profile of Roma Women and Girls” [2].The data and stories, such as those of Svetlana, collected through the initiative will inform future policies and actions.It wasn’t until Svetlana’s family took her to a doctor, that they realized the 12-year-old had been raped.

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Fully one million live abroad and a big part of the economy is remittances, as in Mexico. I do have local friend who is Palestinian and a young dentist.

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Photo: UN Women Programme ‘Women in Politics’/Dorin Goian Svetlana*, 12, was walking home from school when a 17-year-old boy—a distant relative who visited her home sometimes—insisted to give her a lift in his car.

After that day, her mother Nona* would often find her crying.

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This is a tragedy for our family and there is no way we can undo it,” says Nona. The unwritten rules of their community say that no other Roma man will marry her.

Local community traditions dictated that Svetlana describe her rape to a group of local women in excruciating detail.

Due to child and early marriages, unplanned pregnancies and childcare responsibilities, the rate of school drop-out among Roma girls is one of the highest in the region—a record 56 per cent (compared with 16 per cent for non-Roma girls) [1].