Sometime in June (with the last message being from June 23, 2010) the number was disconnected and the site has sat dormant since.

This site is a copy of that idea, done by someone with almost no programming and web development skills whatsoever.

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Or to your boss at the fast food chain you work at casually. Either bookmark this page in a mobile browser, or make an entry in your contact list for 0406650430.

Or on your Myspace and Facebook profile to see who the real stalkers are. That way when the situation calls for a quick response, you've got it ready to go!

And of course, if you do decide to check up on what they've been trying to say to you, you can jump online and read their comments whenever you please.

Alternatvely, use the number on those annoying online forms and surveys that demand a lot of personal information. For quick access to this site or its number - put it in your phone now.

That's not a very effective camaflouge if you're trying to hide your real number from somebody, they'll be immediately suspicious of that.

So I enlisted the help of a starter kit, a 365 day recharge and a little bit of Android magic to setup a second phone number.

The "real" phone running Android provides all the integration the virtual number did, but at a fraction of the cost (since I had the hardware lying around anyway). Rejection Line is quite literally the first website I've made that actually does something.

The rest were the occasional MS Frontpage generated abortions, or very basic scripts to do a basic task.

This number is a 'real' SIM card, sitting inside a 'real' phone.