You’ll discover, of course, that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your account.

Usually, though, you can tell at a glance that these emails are fake.

They’re filled with misspellings, typos, and the wording of a non-native English speaker. Same thing as phishing, except that it arrives by text message (SMS) instead of email. The work-at-home scam is when you get an email offering you an amazing work-at-home job.

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There is also a small scam source in Kazan, but it's really small.

Not to be confused with all those thousands of profiles that say they are from "Kazan"!!

Be careful to pose a question that requires more than knowledge of basic family information (e.g., names, birthdates, addresses), because that information is too easy for outsiders to look up — instead, ask about something like a detail of a family event.”Your current financial situation isn’t so great right now, but hey, look at that—it’s your lucky day! Instead, go directly to the Web site of a charity you know, and contribute there! But here’s the thing: homo sapiens means “wise person.” You have brains, too.

You’ve just gotten an email that offers a pre-approved Visa card! Use them to steer clear of anything that’s too good to be true. He welcomes non-toxic comments in the Comments below. " data-reactid="239"David Pogue is the founder of Yahoo Tech; here’s how to get his columns by email.

So i decided to do some research and found it had really bad ratings,saying peoples profiles were fake and it is a scam site.

I feel stupid for going on there has anyoone else experienced this kind of thing I installed it on my i Phone about a month ago..I've been using it ever since - also out of ignorance.

(This scam is called phishing because they’re “fishing” for your information.

And millions of people get scammed that way every year.)any concern that the message could be true, do not click the link in the email.

David Pogue is the founder of Yahoo Tech; here’s how to get his columns by email.  On the Web, he’s

Of course you can just wait and see if she asks you for money.

“I was mugged, and all my belongings including cell phone and credit card were all stolen at gunpoint. They tell you to deposit it, but in the meantime, send them a check for a couple hundred bucks to cover processing fees and taxes. All you need to do is buy something up front: processing equipment, or a Web site, or access to a list of some type. You’re on the Web, when a pop-up message appears, claiming that your computer might be infected by a virus.