Do enough stat research you'll see a lot of signs equal close in percentage.

Yeah Rain, I'm a Taurus as well, You Haters Better Recognize!! I am Stubborn ( I will not change for no one unless I feel I want to make that change 4 myself ), but Patient, Aggressive when pushed to the edge ( really takes a lot to get me there ), Sexual, Caring. Probably because I'm a nutcase and I'm okay with that.

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I enjoy their wit and humor and find them very fun to be around.

But it always came to a point where i found them to be too flaky, and they found me to be too stifling.

Dated, 2 Capricorn, 5 Gemini (talking to 1 now but not serious), 2 Taurus ( one of them is my childhood first love ) , 1 Aries, 1 Leo, 2 Sagittarius, 2 Pisces, 2 Virgos ( I miss the first virgo I dated tho), 1 Libra ( Libra females are hot as hell ), 1 Cancer, 3 Aquarius ( Starts off great but ****es up when things get serious.) 2 Scorpio ( The funniest sign I can joke around with ) lol Archangel. : P I can't say I was born on the cusp of anything so think I let those full blooded Taurus's down. I am a Capricorn, and i have noticed, that out of all the men i have dated, it is fellow Caps who want to settle down with me and see me as wife or LTR material.

With other Caps, everything seems to fall into place.

I don't think the astrological signs matter too much. Aries who want the extras sex, and the Geminis who well...

are Geminis lol.being a Libra with a load of stuff mixed in, I would have to say nearly all my best friends are Gemini- Im Taurus Asc, and believe it or not- the Gem.But, once my Libra rising nature of balancing comes into play, I weigh logic and science against fantasy, antecdotal stories, the deep desire to find meaning in one's life, and the refusal to acknowledge reality. Nature and nurture are the forces that influence our lives, not a discredited belief that belongs in children's books.I just have to say that I am Leo, and although I do believe in astrological signs somewhat, not everyone follows it to the t.comes back, something soothing about Taureans the fell like they can Ground with- a constant, when their own lives and heads are soo out of control.I have noted an awful lot of Aquarians on dating sites, and I feel it hardly surprising as they seem to be very cold on the outside totally unable to show emotion and like kinky stuff And WOW- look at that grouping of sensible Earth signs at the bottom of the chart!I seem to function best in a dual capricorn relationship.