Tell them sobriety works for you, that it has changed your life for the better, and you can’t imagine going back to drinking.

You easily bypass future awkward conversations, avoid dates where drinking is at the forefront, and give potential suitors a better idea of who you are and what you like to do.

You don’t just have to put your name, occupation, interests, and then, “sober,” if that’s not what strikes your fancy. Put “Non-drinker established: 2013.” Put, “I don’t drink or do drugs, and I don’t want my partner to either.” If sobriety is a quality you are proud of and like to include in your bios across social media, add it in with your defining qualities.

We prefer people who come here with realistic expectations about what our city can offer, not a jerk who expects Chicago to miraculously transform him into a considerate and caring human being.

Good luck, if you think New York can do it for you.

With its big old homes and apartments, four grocery stores and doctors' offices, South Shore had all kinds of residents — laborers, city workers, artists, businessmen and executives — raising their families side by side. (William Lee)You lived on the North Side and you couldn't walk to a grocery store? Just be glad you didn't reside in the real food deserts on the South or West sides, where many people are forced to shop at poorly stocked mom and pop stores on the corner.

Thanks, though, for giving us props for having the best improv in the country and for being a family-oriented city.But those of us who love our city aren't sorry to see you go.The last thing we need is someone who only wants to sit around and complain about our imperfections.Say that drinking used to be your main priority and it made your life unmanageable so you decided to retire.Say that you did so much drinking in your past that you actually never need to drink again – you’ve seen, heard and drank it ALL.There’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by in stating this.