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Both yearn for harmony, but problems may arise if they do not communicate and allow resentments to rankle them.

A fine balance of a little bit of everything and their ability to remain fair to each other can make this relationship work.

Libra - Libra: The union between the two can be lovely, but it can only work if they choose their battles well.

Their compatibility depends on how well they are aware of each other’s issues or problems.

Gemini - Gemini: Twins can never be boring together; a fling can be quite exciting and can safely be considered as a whirlwind of passion between the two.

But when it comes to compatibility in the long haul, things can become doubtful.

Cancer - Cancer: The relationship between two Cancer individuals can be considered a good match.

Both are nurturing and sensitive by nature, but this can also be a problem.

Do you want to find out if you are compatible with your partner having the same sign?

astro Yogi’s expert astrologers explains: Aries - Aries: This is undoubtedly a tough match, where two fire signs meet to cause an explosion.

If they do want things to work, they need to work towards stability in order to stay together.