I don't plan to meet her kids until I'm confident that we are going to pursue something serious.

What is your perspective on dating/marrying a woman who already has children?

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The only catch is that she already has two kids (who I haven't met yet). I really care for this woman a lot and feel as though we could have something serious, but the whole kids thing scares me a little.

She is open to having more kids someday, which is something I hope to do, but I just don't know what it would be like to deal with someone else's.

You're smitten and considering what it would be like to have a family with her.

You need to see this through and keep an open mind. The decision is hers, of course, but perhaps there's a way to meet them without it being a serious introduction. You certainly don't have to be introduced to them as a potential step-dad.

I just want you to get a sense of what this woman is like when she's being a mom. how long can you date her without finding out about the rest of her life?

I'm happy that you're asking people to share their experiences, but please keep in mind that every couple/family/kid is different. Some separated amicably and are both very much involved with their children, sometimes as a family unit for sake of the event.Some are single parents and the MIA figure is a pink elephant in the room, everpresent as they are ever absent. There are endless scenarios and everyone operates on different dynamics.– Kids, Brookline Please don't run anywhere right now.As scary as all of this is, you continue to care about this woman. It would be great to hear your readers' experiences as well.