The complaints that have been made are no more serious than those from the Europeans on the fringes of Doornkop and wherever we settle Natives the same complaints will arise.

We shall have to make it clear that there will be no development along the present Potchefstroom Road until the new national road to the south has been opened.

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The following article, adapted from James Ball's 2012 masters dissertation, looks at the practical compromise made by the apartheid government and the Johannesburg City Council not to 'relocate' black communities living in Pimville in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

It is a bit heavy in places but a fascinating read nonetheless.

(In 1954 the Council negotiated an option to purchase a portion of the farm Diepkloof number nine from Crown Mines.

The Resettlement Board asked the Council to forego their rights as the Board needed the ground for the proposed removal of Africans from Alexandra.

The Council was reluctant to give up this land as it would have provided over five thousand urgently needed sites in an area relatively close to the city.

In July 1958 the Council agreed to abandon its rights to acquire the land in spite of the demands of its own housing programme.) The following passages from a letter sent by the Town Clerk to Carr reflect the Council’s strategy: It appears to me that the only possible approach to the Department of Native Affairs is that, the acquisition of Diepkloof by the Natives Resettlement Board having deprived the Council of the opportunity to provide housing closer to Johannesburg proper than the remote stretches of Doornkop, the Council should be allowed to develop available land fairly close to Johannesburg.

The Department replied that nothing could be done until the Group Areas Board had made its recommendations to the Minister regarding the proclamation of group areas in and around Johannesburg.