The only problem is it produces disappointing results when you are looking for accuracy.

Here’s some more food for thought: If you don’t speak the language into which you’re translating, you won’t know how much of the gist has actually been caught.

Will you know how accurately you are conveying your message? If your translation requires any level of sophistication – if it involves, say, persuading someone to buy your services or describing the nuances of a product – you’re going to need more than a machine.

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It's a Star Trek-style dream, but one that's inching closer to reality.

Say hello/hola/bonjour to the Pilot Translation Earpiece from Waverly Labs.

Does Google Translate have a place in the world of professional translation? There is a small place for it in personal use, but Google Translate is most definitely NOT a replacement for professional language services. In a very quick transaction, you can get an idea of what something is saying, but you definitely won’t know the whole story. At Metaphrasis we have had a lot of experience with organizations believing that they don’t really need professional language services.

Some even know professional translation services produce a superior result but Google Translate provides an allure of convenience.

Ask yourself, is it worth the real cost of not using a professional language service company?

You're traveling abroad when the language barrier just becomes too much.

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