There are even dating services now to cater for the demand for tech geeks, like Linx, the boutique Silicon Valley social network which boasts 'technology influencer VIP customers' who are all "college educated non-smokers", and need to complete interviews and homework as part of the vetting process.

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Nothing against Marko, but am I the only one who thinks Jeter to Jaric is a pretty big fall? Instead, she dated the afore-mentioned Flavio Briatore, who is 23 years Heidi’s senior (gross) and the father her first child (crazy gross).

Last week Amber Heard showed things were becoming serious between her and Tesla boss Elon Musk with Instagram uploads of the pair cavorting with his children, only a few days after Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel tied the knot (reports are that Kerr and Spiegel even waited to consummate the marriage, though no word on whether that includes NSFW late night Snaps).

On this side of the Atlantic, you may recognize her from her days as a Victoria’s Secret model. Can someone explain what makes Gisele so much better than the rest, besides the fact that she is married to Tom Brady? These days, British supermodel Naomi Campbell is known more for her inability to control her rage (maybe it’s all the coke? But that doesn’t mean her love-life hasn’t been adventurous.

Trivia: she holds the Guinness world record for “model with the longest legs.” Her stems measure an amazing 49.25 inches from hip to heel. In addition to celebrities like Robert De Niro and U2 bassist Adam Clayton, Campbell has also shacked up with athletes from time to time.

One of the perks of being a pro athlete, however, is that you can afford to be pretty selective in choosing a mate.

And while a lot of pros marry their high school sweethearts who stuck with them during the leaner years, there’s also a pretty good number of them who take full advantage of the privilege their station affords by dating and/or marrying supermodels.However, here I am, still writing an article about it.Is it because we still, as a society, give far too much weight to the opinions of white men?She dated him for somewhere betwen 6 months and a year in 1999. It would seem, however, that this wasn’t so much a case of Roddick’s good luck rubbing off as much as it was a case of Brooklyn completely sapping Roddick of whatever luck he had.The guy has just been unable to get it done on the court in recent years. Before she married French soccer player Christian Karembeu, this ridiculously sexy Wonderbra model was known as Adriana Sklenarikova.Is it because it’s important to remind ourselves that his opinions are superficial and cruel, and we, as women, are not defined by how we look?