Cause I'm pretty sure that's considered a faux pas. Granted, so is failing do disclose your true gender, but still... You would have thought a nigga was Clay Akin on some shit.

dating through myspace-68

I’m thinking to myself wrestled and football she must have played powder puff football or something.

Obviously I didn’t believe the wrestling thing so she said you don’t believe me we can wrestle right now.

So during dinner she started telling me about herself.

She told me about how she played football, and she wrestled in high school.

Something weird about her I mean she was freakishly strong anytime she laughed her voice got really deep, and she was trying to get me drunk so I couldn’t drive, then she said I’ll be right back let me change into something more comfortable I’m like ok . I stood up and started heading for the door and right before I got to the door I heard in a deep voice. And there she was standing there butt naked****just swinging. In my car I was thinking damn I was two drinks away from passing out and waking up with a****on my forehead. Ever since that day I always watch the TV shows that have you guessing if that’s a man or woman just to sharpen my skills.

You would have thought Mariah Carey was in that house with the high note I hit. I’m thinking what could I have done if she would have got me in one of those wrestling moves? With the technology out these days you can’t tell men or looking more like women, women are looking more like men this shit is real. Floppy - you're going to take over for Nose while he's away.

Well I’m a guy so of course I didn’t learn a damn thing.

So I was talking to this girl on Myspace for about a month.

Hinge is growing fast, and it's worth getting to know it.