It’s a fresh change compared to the complicated hard-to-get game.If he feels good around you, he will want to be around you more.

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No matter how modest you are, compliments are nice.

It feels good for someone to notice something new about you and give attention to something you feel proud of–a job, accomplishment or even a simple common interest. Find what interests you about this guy and compliment him on it.

Finding a man is probably one of the hardest tasks we go through in life.

Literally, it can take years before you even see a result.

If you find a match, there will be plenty of time to show him all of your strengths and qualities.

Lisa Clampitt, is the founder and president of VIP Life, the co-founder and Executive Director of the Matchmaking Institute, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert for over twelve years, a book author and a New York State Certified Social Worker since 1991.

If you want a relationship oriented man, you have to think how a relationship oriented man would think.

He is looking for a perspective wife and mother of his children.

In her 11 years running the exclusive dating club VIPLIFE (), matchmaker Lisa Clampitt has worked with over 1,000 of New York City’s most eligible bachelors.

Here are her top five tips for attracting a great man.

Well, there’s a lot more to this knack that some girls have than just cleavage and short skirts.