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Even users have a hard time noticing the red flags, which is why there are so many dating stories about stalkers or clingy date partners on Reddit and other forums.

The reason why most daters don’t see it coming is because most stalkers act pretty decent during the initial contact.

Dating sites are limited as to what protection they can give and offer their member.

People can change their details with each profile they create just enough to evade detection by the site software, they can post multiple profiles to attract attention and increase their chances of finding somebody who is interested in them.

That means no more digging through messages with vulgarity, text-speak, poor grammar/spelling, and copy-and-pasted content. And unlike the other guys, we won't connect, link or publish to your Facebook.

Now you can kick back, relax and focus on just the right people. Like in front of that dude who still thinks the world is flat. Smartypants can message you, he’ll need to see eye-to-eye on the important issues that you’ve set as your Dealbreakers. Mesh embraces all genders and sexual orientations without discrimination.

And put your hands together if he or she doesn’t start following you around in real life…

Now let’s see some real-life horror stories shared by some unlucky daters.

When you meet a person in a social setting you can make your own mind up about them and use your own judgement as to their mental stability, maybe you are introduced by a friend who can go some way to vouching for them.

This isn’t the case with dating sites, it is all too easy for somebody who might potentially be unstable to create a false or fake profile that looks attractive to a potential partner.

Cyberstalking is like a virus: the victim is unaware when contacting the source and it brews secretly until it suddenly erupts.