The easy-to-reassemble building block bodies are a novel idea and make racing against friends extra entertaining.Works equally well over gravel and carpet, and the regulation vroom vroom noises are surprisingly bearable.A high-quality speaker and microphone that allows your child to sing along to any song, using Bluetooth to connect to a device or simply popping in an SD card.

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Child testers loved choosing which colour pods to slot in to make a flavoured latte for their parents.

A range of three high-speed radio-controlled tilt-turn monster trucks that you can crash into a wall – or another monster truck – at up to 15 kmph.

It can be built in two different ways and, once built, the track can be flipped from vertical and horizontal as the car's zooming round.

The rollercoaster thrilled child testers, as did the little car that whizzes round the track really fast. An 108-piece plastic puzzle that creates a 3-D model of a sneaker that you can then use as a pen holder.

The door opens, and horse moves right and left and make a clip-clop sound effect as you trot along.

Comes with a toy storage box inside and a 'parent console' on top. But this is the ultimate fantasy ride-on for many little girls – and boys, too, say testers.The 'magic' scooper for serving up orders recognises colours and flavours, and the cart plays music if you push it around.Testers adored dinging the bell when an order was ready and ringing up the till, and their parents really liked the entertaining way it teaches colours, numbers, sequencing, memory and matching skills.Pour in a little water to make the Peppa Pig characters inside move around and create a squashy surface to jump on.Little testers adored the sound of the water under their feet and getting the characters inside to move.The rechargeable battery offers up to 30 minutes run time, and the trucks come with stickers, cones and flags.