He doesn’t inform or advise so much as dictate and command.And he seems to think that all guys and all women are the same.Does the approach stand a chance of working for the average Joe?

annihilation method dvd set by style and any of the various boot camps by mystery ***** ultimate natural game 10 dvd set **** is a master piece collection for the over all game i dont know if those books are offered in book stores i know neil strauss the game is but the ohter 2 i got a pdf version and printed them out and read them, but seriously THEY ARE A MUST READ if you know anything about torrents then you can find any of the dvd sets through that method or actually buying them lol which ever you prefer if you cant find a certain book or dvd set let me know and ill send it to you over the net if you would like and i thought no one will help me in this area.

Do they even then know what i'm saying or thinks i'm an alienated species ?

Like so many other like training courses, it promises to make guys have more success with women.

For many guys, knowing better how to navigate the tricky world of dating is very appealing, which is the appeal of a course titled ‘Double Your Dating’.

Thanks, omg man i have read every pua book there is bro lol 1st find a copy of magic bullets - excellent 2nd the game by neil strauss 3rd revelations by mystery - or venusian artists handbook, revelations is his 2nd book i dont know if those were the books you were looking for but seriously those 3 are must reads for any pua , they will make anybodys game better no matter what level, the game by neil is one that i would recommend if your just getting into the pick up arts but its not *tactic* specific as much as the others i mentioned but its a good motivational book and style in my oppinion is one of the best out there. Do they even then know what i'm saying or thinks i'm an alienated species ?

also i would recomend getting copys of dvds of mystery, and style cause i think you get more from it then when you just read the books.

They are offering all those books but i dont know which is a good read.

Please give me some own opinion or your own review of the book.

The approach here is based on a few stock imperatives.