Every day the members of the wishy-washy Churches of the Wimps like Episcopalians, Methodists and Presbyterians leave their weak-kneed congregations and come over to the Strict Observance of the Bible. For years they belonged to an Evangelical congregation that had fallen away from Strict Observance. The Smithers tell, through their diaries, the way in 1996 they brought their females back to Strict Observance of the Bible. But my bottom is so sore and purple and bruised that when my Husband had Sexual Congress with me it hurt so bad I screamed. He will point out where I have missed something that I was supposed to write. When I am finished I will punch holes in the paper and put it into a 3 ring binder. Each day I will first write about what happened in the past. I have filled out my Record and punched the holes in it and put it into my binder. My Husband has been working to figure out how to control my bad behavior and the increasingly bad behavior of our three daughters, Sarah, Samantha and Sophie.

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The church is about half way between the two towns and there isnt have a steeple but it does have high pointed windows with clear panes and green shutters.

We holiness folks like things real plain and simple. Inside there is just a floor made of old growth, long leaf yellow pine and waxed four times a year, and a bunch of wooden folding chairs.

It is by the side of the Farm to Market road that goes between Bocadoches and Wyler.

The church is surrounded by big old pine trees that must be 80 feet tall and a hundred years old.

We are hoping to replace the outhouses with flush toilets later this year.

But you can bet that there will never be no air conditioning or none of that fancy city stuff.The church must be over 125 years old and was built after the War of Northern Aggression when the first church building was burned by the Yankees.It was only about 10 years ago that they finally brought electricity into the church.For No Christian is Perfect but every Christian should be Working on Perfection and for the female Perfection is only reached through Chastisement, particularly Severe Chastisement. I have accepted Christ In a bit I will describe in detail my first Chastisement. I had never been given anything like a Chastisement by my Husband. Really the Holiness Church is one of the Strict Observance Bible Churches which are part of the Evangelical Churches of Christ.I am ordered to write this Diary of my Chastisements. The closest I ever came to this was a buck naked whipping with a switch my mother gave me. This means that we are Fundamentalists and Brethren.Up in front there is a simple wooden pulpit and hung from the wall a simple wooden cross and that is about it.