Now the department has scaled down its request to 0,000 to buy 100 body cameras, including one for each patrol deputy. Chief James Kruse said the department was told it's eligible for the grant and has until mid-November to accept it.The sheriff's office in February applied for a ,000 matching grant from the U. If it receives the money, the department will have two years to spend it. It also reduces liability for the county." Still, there's no guarantee the county board will sign off on spending ,000 for Du Page's share of the cost. Debating is all around us; on the television, in the newspapers, and in our own homes.

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The trick is to make someone else understand what you think, how you came to this understanding and why one should think about it.

And debating in that context is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just drop by some time to see what it is like; The Floor is Yours!

is a free online community where intelligent minds from around the world come to debate online and read the opinions of others.

Debating SA is South Australia’s largest debating organisation that leads the way in conducting debating activities for schools and the wider community within South Australia, primarily in the form of a Schools’ Competition.

The organisation provides coaching and adjudicators for school and corporate debates, as well as professional development for teachers and the wider community.Our membership fee is only 20 euros for one academic year and includes discounts at workshops, tournaments and other activities, weekly practice, social events and much more.We meet every week on Thursdays starting at 19.30 at Impulse (building 115 on campus). The book is written for debaters, coaches and their supporters, at every level of experience. As a society, we debate about almost everything – from tax reform to mowing the lawn. is a comprehensive ‘how-to’ guide on mastering the art of formal argument.The book covers all aspects of debating: Preparation (including sections on team preparation, individual preparation and teamwork), Rebuttal, Manner, Points of Information and Reply Speeches.