I feel like when I wake up I put on armour and I fight these big-ass monsters every day of my life.I come back and I say Dru, how was your day – and he did the same thing.And that’s the mystery of life: you always feel like you’re holding your breath in anticipation of something. It’s almost like you already know the visual side…I remember feeling like that reading literature – reading Hemingway, you felt like you could picture it, hold it in your hands.

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But the very nature of – an epic conceptual and theatrical narrative – meant that Diddy Dirty Money was destined not to be a long-term project either.

Following 2011’s self-released mixtape, Richard announced her departure from Bad Boy this February.

It seems to have unlocked her creativity: a 10-track EP the following month,, is due out on October 16, and promises even more.

After you chose to leave Bad Boy, why did you opt for the independent route of self-releasing your new material? But usually no one has the freedom to leave a label so quickly and with so much support; usually it’s negative and takes a fight. I think it took time for people to adjust to the fact that I was a solo artist without a label.

If you don’t believe in it, no one else will.” How long had that vision been in the works? I’ve been wanting to explain that one for a minute, long before I was even in Danity Kane.

I knew I couldn’t tell that story then – out of respect for each group I was in, I didn’t feel like it was the right time to tell it, because you have to share your dream with other people.

, with its hyper-kinetic harmonies and sleek production courtesy of Danja – Danity Kane, perhaps inevitably, disbanded.

By now, though, Diddy had noticed Richard’s songwriting potential – and when he set about creating the tour de force that was 2010’s campaign Diddy consistently insisted that the three members should have equal billing and credit – and indeed, Richard and Harper’s personalities and creativity were imprinted firmly on the trio’s music.

This journey has really been a walking whirlwind for me; it’s been a long road, a hard fight – being homeless, going through the things I went through – and literally every day I feel like I’m fighting this battle with armour on, trying to restore faith in something that has been lost. To me I feel that’s what writing is – the same stories retold in a thousand different ways, and I just want to tell mine in a way that causes you to dream a little.” , and the obvious chemistry between the sonic ideas, the melodies and vocals is one of its strengths: it seems completely natural and effortless even as you go further and further out. “I met him not even a year ago, through my ex at the time – which is interesting because that fell apart.