What could be better for kids than educating them about animals, teaching them to be empathetic towards other creatures which share our world?Bringing kids to the zoo has many benefits for the family.It is noble of zoos to attempt to conserve animals, yet the task is not easy.

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According to the World Wildlife Fund, almost fifty species of animals are classed as either critically endangered or endangered.

Many of which are familiar to us: Black Rhinos, Tigers, African, Chimpanzees to name but a few.

A trip to the zoo can educate kids about ecosystems and the importance of looking after our planet.

Our very own Dublin zoo houses and funds the preservation for many critically endangered animals from at home and abroad.

According to circuswatchwa.org, abnormal behaviour due to zoochosis includes bar biting, pacing, tongue playing, circling, neck twisting, vomiting, coprohagia (playing with and eating excrement), rocking, swaying, head bobbing and weaving, overgrooming and self mutilation. Zoos are an attempt to preserve animals, but doing so can be detrimental to their mental health.

Born Free.org, a website which encourages that animals be kept in the wild has illustrated some of the reasons why wildlife suffer so much in captivity.

Using this investment, the zoo was able to double its previous size to give animals more space, improving the facility greatly.

Dublin zoo is a charity, so all profit goes back into the zoo.

At a recent trip to Dublin Zoo I was surprised overhearing how knowledgeable young kids were about animals, even correcting their parents on the names of some wildlife.