Now: Dunst was recently the lead in the comedy ' Bachelorette' and had a smaller role in ' On The Road.' She is set to star in the thriller ' The Two Faces of January.' Then: The Lisbon clan's reserved father Ronald was portrayed by James Woods.The fast-talking actor, who famously scored an 800 on his math SATs and attended MIT, first got widespread notice for 1979's ' The Killing Fields.' During the '90s, he had high-profile roles in films like ' Casino' and ' Nixon.' Now: Woods was the title character on the series ' Shark' between 20.Lisbon had made her film debut in 1994 as the young verison of Jenny in ' Forrest Gump.' Now: In 2012, Hall reunited with her Lisbon sister A. Cook on an episode of ' Criminal Minds.' Among her other recent credits is the movie ' Visible Scars.' Then: In her only film appearance, Leslie Hayman was the brainy Lisbon sister Therese.

Based on the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides, ' The Virgin Suicides' marked the directorial debut of ' The Bling Ring' helmer Sofia Coppola.

Much like the new Emma Watson film, ' The Virgin Suicides' showcased Coppola's knack for capturing the world of teenage girls.

Um, Marilyn, I think you might have overlooked something in your ingenious the fark is up with all the manson shiat on here lately? Once again I reiterate that all the Farkers who seem to hate Manson and think he is an attention whore sure do give him loads of greenlit threads with loads of responses.

does anyone really buy into his lame schtick and find him the least bit interesting? In Manson's defence, a lot of you Farkers seem to think he randomly goes up to reporters wanting to get in the papers and gives them a sound bit about his marriage. Where is all the outrage over Bruce Willis dating a 23 year old?

Do you think he dates these women because of the music he's writing, or is the music shaped around the women he's dating?

What the fark is up with all the Marilyn Manson threads???

I count 4 on the Showbiz page over the past few days.

I guess someone's trying to make a comeback...using Fark.

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