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Symptom: After installing or updating the game you may get a popup that says the following and keeps the game from running: "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. I dont post too often but I must log in to inform you that I am very pleased with how quickly someone figured out how to solve this problem.

Shows FPS quit: returns to Windows cls: clears the console render_togglerainbow(): hideous colours render_togglexray(): see-through white textures render_togglewireframe(): colored wireframe detail_toggle(): turns on/off shaders decal_toggle(): turns on/off banners and badges fog_toggle(): turns on/off brown dust terrlod_dist( min, max ): changes the distance where models lose detail terrlod_toggle(): models do/don't drop detail staticdecal_dump(): dump static decal stats to file dynamicdecal_dump(): dump dynamic decal stats to file shadow_toggle: turns shadows on/off ingame_stats_mouseover_toggle: turns mouseover stat barson/off ingame_stats_toggle: tunrs stat bars on/off ingame_select_ui_toggle: removes selection boxes simvis_cameranearclip( "meters" ): objects closer than this aren't drawn simvis_camerafarclip( "meters" ): hide objects further than this (default: 200 - higher the number, more troublesome will get for your computer) getsimrate(): gives you current game speed setsimrate(): modifies game speed simvis_fx_refresh: screen update while console is up simvis_list: reads Dataartebps files, lists handler (channel) usage simvis_toggle( "Channel Name" ): turns on/off subsystem visibility.

Available channels for simvis_toggle(): Enviro Handler -- ambient lighting Terrain Handler -- terrain (ground) visibility Sky Handler Stencil -- the skybox NISlet Anim Handler -- animation for ingame movies Terrain Overlay Handler -- all ground decoration (not buildings) Terrain Decorator Handler -- rubble? scargroups_handler -- marks relative poisition of units Animator Handler -- visibility of units Ghost Handler -- infiltration units Shadow Handler -- shadows Ocean Handler -- water FXHandler -- special effects (tracers,lasers,smoke,etc) Light Manager Handler -- dynamic lights Sound Handler -- dynamic sound (not ambient sounds or music) Bound Volume Handler -- shows the boundary box of each model To use cheats, hold CTRL SHIFT and then press the ~ during game play to show the console, then type these cheats in as shown below.

We recommend that you read the system requirements for the game and ensure that the necessary software is installed on your computer.

Note that for mac OS, the game launches via Code Weavers Mac Wrapper.

And for those of us whose days of inking and dry-brushing have passed into fond memory, it offered an accessible way to carry on enjoying 40K.

Dawn of War brought the races and technology of the 40K universe to vivid, howling, bolter-spewing life in a way that did justice to the universe.

Consider, for a moment, Relic Entertainment's startlingly diverse RTS resum. The first expansion, Chaos Rising, enriched the experience with meatier loot, deeper role-tinkering, tighter campaign-narrative and a meaningful purity/corruption mechanic. We're used to Dawn of War expansions drip-feeding us new races; by contrast, Retribution opens the floodgates, with no less than six playable races.

Dawn Of War had become a seamless blend of RTS and action-RPG; a kind of plasma-fuelled, four-character Diablo, which posted chin-stroking tactical challenges at every turn.

The cheats listed don't seem to work with patch 1.3.

If they do, they only work in the skirmish games, and you have to check the "allow cheats" box in the options.

Heroes now have three skill-trees rather than four, and no longer get a mess of skill-points to spend when they level up; they get a single point per level, with which to buy a single skill.