If date bases differ, the displayed date values will change!

In Tools - Options' - Libre Office - General' you find the area Year (two digits).

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When entering dates as part of formulas, slashes or dashes used as date separators are interpreted as arithmetic operators.

Therefore, dates entered in this format are not recognized as dates and result in erroneous calculations.

The Numbers tab page contains the functions for defining the number format.

When you copy and paste cells containing date values between different spreadsheets, both spreadsheet documents must be set to the same date base.

It was founded in April 2003 as an international non-profit organization.

Its members are 28 major transport research institutes or universities from 21 European countries.If you do not want to see this type of numerical date or time representation, change the number format (date or time) accordingly.To do this, select the cell containing the date or time value, call its context menu and select Format Cells.The functions whose names end with _ADD or _EXCEL2003 return the same results as the corresponding Microsoft Excel 2003 functions without the suffix.Use the functions without suffix to get results based on international standards.Mezzanine is a powerful, consistent, and flexible content management platform.