Also, the authors would like to mention that the idea behind carrying out such work was purely research oriented and targeted towards understanding new technological developments and capabilities in using the Internet as a programming platform.

elucidating the mashup hype definition challenges-51

in Computer Science at the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Valencia where she holds an Assistant Professor position.

She has published several papers and articles, among others Information and Software Technology, Information Systems, and Software and System Modeling.

We provide an extension to the language and runtime and propose a Secure Authentication Service (SAS) to seamlessly facilitate secure authentication and authorization of end-users with the services consumed in the mashup.

She is a member of the Software Production Methods (Pro S) research center, working actively in areas such as the Business Process Management, Process Variability, Internet of Things, Web Engineering, and Model Driven Development.

The paper also highlights the current status of major map content providers in India, their web services and API availability for enabling useful end-user map mashups.

The main emphasis of research and experimentation work carried out was to address the following challenges like: To address the above, experimentation and research work was performed aimed at assessing the possibility of achieving the intended task; the effort involved in programming or required coding capabilities, whether the required data sources are available over public domain and the formats or the presentation of data, and the usability of the implementation as a client-side mashup.

that meet requirements of One of the public cloud based services, Arc, was chosen to implement the task of adding and displaying layers of India states and waterline theme.

It was found to be more intuitive in using the frame-work.

In this regard a survey of map data providers was done to identify suitable sources.

There exist several data providers that render geo-spatial data depicting the entire world in an extremely fast rendering on-line application within a web browser.

Mashups are gaining momentum as a means to develop situational Web applications by combining different resources (services, data feeds) and user interfaces.