Because these programs involve the care and maintenance of a horse, which requires a lot of space, as well as plenty of hands-on training time, enrolment is limited and programs fill up quickly.Jobs in the equestrian field can involve anything from stable management and equestrian therapy to riding instruction at camps, schools and resorts or through private lessons.The students have always been able to contribute new ideas and up-to-date information.

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This is not your typical farm in the suburbs.”Kettle River Timberworks, a British Columbia design company, created the timber in the home, textured with a chainsaw and stained to provide a aged look.

The company is well known for the “established look,” traditional designs influenced by the old world charm of English country cottages. Seattle is just two-and-a-half hours away, while the U.

Through equine programs at Ontario colleges, it can become a career as well.

These programs teach different aspects of working in the horse industry, while also equipping students with advanced riding skills and horse care knowledge.

When the couple, who asked to remain anonymous, bought the property in 2011, there was very little there, a small home on agricultural land.

Now it is an estate with top-class equestrian facilities.The barn houses a full, 13,000-square-foot indoor equestrian facility. The house preserves the wild feel of a free-spirited European ranch house, Mr. The house itself is purposefully a bit smaller than those you would tend to see on land of this size in the area.There are custom-built stalls for the horses from which they can go straight out and pasture and a unique tack room and lounge for relaxing after a hard day’s riding, including a fully rotating custom wall that stores the saddles. That said, it has welcoming, warm interior decor: lots of exposed wood beams, stone walls and floors, open fires, palettes of creams and a country-style kitchen.“They really wanted something that would be elegant but rustic and timeless,” Mr. “It is designed, with its timber frame and long grand drive from the front private gate to feel like an English country estate.Please upgrade your browser to IE11 or newer, or use Chrome to view this page.The program outline is located on the main program page only.At Ogilvy Equestrian Inc., our designers have years of riding experience, and are constantly dialoguing with today's top riders to ensure that our equestrian products are the very best.