This technical bulletin describes how to maintain older phones in deployments running software versions past their respective last supported releases.

error updating bootrom polycom-1

This will force the legacy phones to use the cfg configuration file discussed in the next section.

The following graphic shows the cfg master configuration file included with your UC Software download package.

2 Ensure that all software and configuration files for your non-legacy phones are on the provisioning server.

3 Download the file associated with each legacy phone s most recent supported software patch release to the provisioning server. The phone1and configuration files are not compatible with UC Software release or later, but are required to maintain compatibility with legacy phones.

This procedure will also make managing your phone system easier when deploying future updates.

1 Ensure that all phones are running Boot ROM or later.I want to use a true SIP phone for my office phone.I was initially attracted to the Polycom Sound Point IP 430 because of its support for electronic hookflash with my Jabra GN9350 wireless headset.The best way to do this is to download the most recent patch release for every Boot ROM version (for example, download 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x, etc) as follows: 1 Download and unzip the most recent Boot ROM 4.0.x split release.2 Download and unzip the most recent patch release of every subsequent Boot ROM version (for example, download 4.1.x, then 4.2.x, then 4.3.x, etc).Legacy phones are configured from the cfg master configuration file.