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As a short term fix to bring the server under control again – providing the Shell is enabled – we logged onto the shell, navigated to the /var/log folder and deleted any archived log files (ending .gz) and created a new, empty wtmp file (the file recording shell access).

That recovered enough Ramdisk space for the server to become manageable again.

Sections: Common Error Messages Section Error Messages Section - listed by Error Number Error Messages Section - No Error Number Warning Messages Section - listed by Warning Number This page describes the most common problems and error messages that can be encountered using the Keystroke system.

The best and fastest way to resolve a problem is to first write down any error messages and/or other details which may help in resolving the problem before calling SBS Technical Support Services at: 800.

language=en_US&cmd=display KC&external Id=1033696 ESXi 5.0 monitoring with PRTG: […] the sort of cool technical tip that saves your bacon when it’s lodged somewhere in your mind: What happens when the VMware ESXi RAMdisk gets full? After upgrading to ESXi 5 we saw several […] […] too large in the ‘/’ folder.

Thanks to this post, I was able to figure it out quickly.

ASK.4SBS or 800.275.4727 (toll-free for current Software Maintenance Service plan holders).

When calling for assistance, you will be asked for the Serial Number of your Keystroke system.

To check the amount of memory available, type the command MEM at the DOS prompt.