The Presbyterian Mission Agency and the Office of the General Assembly work in partnership with the Insurance Board and Praesidium to provide councils with additional information on how to create policies.Councils are welcome to seek information from the Insurance Board at the workbench on its website, which can be found at this link.

With God’s help, we will see a day when “justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (Amos ).

Abuse Prevention Hotline 866-607-7233 Manager/Judicial Process and Social Witness 800-728-7228, ext. ” brochure Or write to: 100 Witherspoon Street Louisville, KY 40202 The Presbyterian Church (U. A.) believes that sexual misconduct is never permissible or acceptable.

The following suggestions can help you respond appropriately.

In the PC(USA), ministers are known as teaching elders, but they are not members of a church they are members of a presbytery and are subject to the jurisdiction of their presbytery. When the stated clerk of the presbytery receives a written allegation of offense, the presbytery will appoint a team to conduct an investigation into the allegation.

The term “domestic violence” in this policy statement and its rationale is used as an inclusive term to broadly encompass the abuse found in child/child, parent/child, spouse/spouse, partner/partner, adult child/aging parent relationships, as well as violence that occurs in sibling and dating relationships.

Download (Approved by the 222nd General Assembly [2016]).

Download (Approved by the 216th General Assembly [2004]).

This study examines the balance between allegations of child sexual abuse and due process for the accused.

Download Responding to overtures from the presbyteries of Elizabeth and Cincinnati, the 196th General Assembly (1984) adopted a resolution on pornography that mandated the Council on Women and the Church (COWAC) and the General Assembly Mission Board (Office of Women) to “persevere in their work in the areas of pornography and obscenity and the education of the church and society to combat the abusive treatment of women.” Download Each council, including sessions and presbyteries, must have its own sexual misconduct policy.

Teaching and ruling elders, deacons and certified Christian educators are mandated to report to civil and ecclesiastical authorities when there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse., Rules of Discipline of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U. A.) and any employment policies of the local church.

The Presbyterian Child Advocacy Network, a network of the Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association (PHEWA), created “We Won’t Let It Happen Here: Creating a Safe Church.” These resources are a good place to start in drafting a policy for your council.