Flight planning with Go Direct Flight Services is fast, accurate, and intuitive.Convenient access to our worldwide flight planning is available via the telephone, on the Internet, and through datalink communications.

“Our European customers will have more accurate flight plans versus other free products and that equates to more accurate fuel burn and lower costs.

The European market wants self-service; our RTS solution allows them to do it themselves when they want or use our operations center when then need support.” OFP – File & Go eliminates planning complexity as the system’s integration with Google Maps allows pilots and dispatchers to build multi-leg itineraries and plan fuel stops based on fuel burns, ETEs and range.

About World Fuel | Colt World Fuel Services | Colt International is a leading provider of fuel services, trip support and aviation insurance.

More than 8,200 flight departments trust World Fuel | Colt to deliver high-quality service to over 20,000 aircraft.

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Unique to the industry’s free flight planning systems, the tool utilizes aircraft performance and real-time temperatures and winds to create routes and generate navigational logs.

“OFP – File & Go is a great addition to our expanding Regional Trip Support portfolio,” said Jeff Briand, SVP of World Fuel | Colt Global Trip Support.

Go Direct Flight Services utilizes OEM aircraft performance data combined with the most current atmospheric forecasts to yield very precise fuel burn and time calculations on every flight plan we create.