You can see a representation of what your checkbook and a bank statement might look like -- Pain-free Bank Reconciliations - My Web CA, by David Trahair, C. You can install it in a toolbar menu, a toolbar button, or a right-click menu.

Just make sure that your number is not larger than your criteria.

Column)) = "" Then Msg Box "skipping due to formula in column C and nothing in Column A --testing" Exit Sub End If Application. Mc Ritchie, 2007-05-11, not posted Cancel = True Target. The trick is to look for a large number that can’t exist.

INSRTROW is a macro to copy the selected line making the requested number of copies of it downward, but to include only the formulas. (button ) I wanted to be able to insert a row and maintain the formulas but not to copy data that would be unique for the line. Activate End Sub This example will insert a row below the cell double-clicked on, copying the formulas from the row double-clicked on into the inserted row, then will remove constants from the inserted row based on the intersection range specified.

The propagation of data would be misleading so I want it to be blank so I have to enter it myself. Resize(2), xl Fill Default on error resume next Rows(lastrow 1). Clear Contents on error goto 0 Cells(lastrow 1, 1) = Cells(lastrow, 1) 7 Rows(lastrow 1). Private Sub Worksheet_Before Double Click(By Val Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) 'David Mc Ritchie, 2007-09-07 on double-click '-- will copy more often than Extend Formulas and Format (tools option) Cancel = True Target.

My DR/CR are the opposite of what most US checkbooks show, since I prefer to keep records for myself and not for my bank or their point of view. Resize( _ rowsize:=v Rows 1), xl Fill Default On Error Resume Next 'to handle no constants in range -- John Mc Kee 2000/02/01 ' to remove the non-formulas -- 1998/03/11 Bill Manville Selection. The main article on this page, Insert Rows And Fill Formulas Macro, is above, the rest of the material deals with specialized implementations of the above or specialized macros that provide similar function.

At one time you could ask the bank to provide with with a properly labelled checkbook, but now you would probably have toe chenage the titles yourself. The following macro will clear the constants from selection area(s).

Enable Events = False 'should be part of Change macro Target. Enable Events = True 'should be part of Change macro End Sub Another Example User, 2004-05-10, did not want to reinsert if already done. Use INDIRECT when you want to change the reference to a cell within a formula without changing the formula itself.

Color Index = xl None '--Testin If Trim(Active Cell. The last number is selected even if nonnumbers appear below. References are immediately evaluated to display their contents.

OFFSET makes Replication/Deletion of Rows tie in better with the other rows, and of course, makes possible the Insert Rows And Fill Formulas macro described in the next topic.