Lisa’s students can be seen in numerous national commercial campaigns, feature films and television series.This year, Lisa’s coaching was featured on BRAVO’s hit series , as she coached Theresa’s daughter Gia, for a major motion picture audition.

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and is currently filming “79 Parts” in the role of Vera, with Award Winning Director, Ari Taub.

Lisa studied at New York University in the School of Educational Theatre, as well as the Tisch School for the Performing Arts.

Today, Lisa teaches actors privately and in workshops through her company LR Acting Workshops, providing training and industry connections.

Lisa works closely with Industry directors, producers, filmmakers, and casting directors.

Lisa is often contacted directly by NYC’s finest film schools, casting directors and legit agents for student referrals.

This provides Lisa’s students with casting opportunities, as well as true, on-set experiences.

In an effort to connect her actors, Lisa always invites an Industry professional to her workshops.