The other 4 can go away forever as far as I'm concerned, especially the arrogant asshole Doc Love (even though I know Corey Wayne agrees with some of stuff) because that dude is just being a prick half the time while disguising it as "tough love" and he uses fear and insecurity to try and get people to buy shit from him.

Now, stuck in small-town America, single and aged 43, he agrees with them. I agree with all the others EXCEPT Corey Wayne, if you actually listen to what he says and know his material well enough his teachings work well.

He does not teach guys to not be nice guys at all, you aren't familiar enough with his material.

Much what I was already doing and it works very well from my experience, and then times I went out of bounds, ie: texting too often, being wishy washy about plans, becoming too available, being an open book, chasing, or begining to focus trying to put a label on things, just like he mentions it all came tumbling down.

Corey Wayne has been the main instigator of my success with women.

“You’ve been reading stuff from the pick-up community, haven’t you,” said one woman, who was obviously wise to the game.

“Yeah, I read about that.” Another one said, “Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna start off trying to be charming and then act aloof and cold. Most of them were battle-weary single Moms looking for a companion.

One of my bros actually tried Jason’s techniques at a bar in DC.

Sadly for him, he tried it on sophisticated, Ivy-League educated women, whom he lost at the first “Yo! So there you have it Barry Dwight was a business consultant in Jakarta from 2005-2012.

We had a ball, we played the field, basked in what we thought was the adoration of young women, and lived a playboy lifestyle.