The free version always displays the Flowplayer logo; with the commercial version you can display your own logo and further brand the player.

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Note that Flowplayer does not support all video formats.

Flowplayer essentially supports all formats supported by Adobe Flash, as Flowplayer is a manager for a basic Adobe Flash player.

Choose an easily remembered place as you will place a path to these files later in your web pages: !

When you download Flowplayer, you must choose between the free and commercial versions.

In its simplest form it only sends pages that are stored as files on the hard disk of the web server.

More complex web servers also run programs, such as a user registration application, that interacts with the web site’s users. If you have your web site hosted then this is important to know because there will be no extra costs for installing and running programs on the web server.

After you have downloaded the package, you need to decompress it with any of several programs available, for example, 7-Zip, Win RAR, or Win Zip.

Decompressing the file should result in a single folder called "flowplayer".

To make them available, you must place them on your web site so your web pages can refer to them.