GEEEEZ to reply to her through the AFA system is 5.99-7.99 and 2.99 for each pic you attach.GEEEZ As you can see this could get very expensive in a hurry.Men simply need to fill out an easy, online form with their personal information, submit it, and they are free to begin surfing the fascinating profiles of a host of beautiful, young women. For the man who is serious about a foreign affair, there are three types of paid memberships to help them contact foreign women.

Why in the heck would it cost 2.99 to attach a picture to an email anyway.

LOL SCAM SCAM Now I cannot speak on the TOURS that AFA offers.

Now the emails are directly from the girls email to mine.

AFA is no longer involved one my email has been accepted by her and she replies.

At first the emails were bland and generic, but then as I emailed back and forth with the girls over the next few days they loosened up and told me about them some and sent me a couple of 'family' safe pics, no nudity or 'victoria secret' pics. WHAT I FOUND STRANGE was that THEY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT ME, HAD NOT SEEN MY PICS, HAD NOT SEEN MY PROFILE , which is the whole point of using AFA to kind of help weed out the girls that are not interested in you.


Write Me Now is a service that costs .99 per letter for non-members or .50 for members to send a letter to women without email that will be translated.

This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest. Im just not sure that these sites on the internet are the way to go and do it. So being new to the Russian Bride, or Foreign Bride search I decided to join AFA or A Foreign Affair just to kind of see what it was all about.

I would be hesitant to go on one of these tours because of the lies and the scam that they are running on the website it makes me not want to trust these people. Not very many of the girls look anything like the ones on the website .

I ordered the AFA love me tour dvd, and it cost me like with shipping. I took the paper cover off and the dvd case looked almost like the cover of a porn dvd. So IDK if i would be willing to trust these guys and pay them money to do a tour or not.

There was nothing in any of the emails from any of the girls that would let me think they had seen my profile or even knew my name.???