What people say and what they do don't always match up.

Of the women who say that a partner's desire to have kids is a "must have" criteria on Match.com, for instance, 57% still have emailed men on the site who don't want to have kids.

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The site's math team has documented hundreds of correlations.

Here are just a sampling: Match.com's mathematical matchmaker poses some interesting questions about human nature.

Sent out to sponsors, teams, and key partners in motorsport, the Blackbook is a business companion to F1, Indycar, NASCAR, WEC, WRC, and more.

Inside you'll find a trove of information about the sport - the venues, teams, and suppliers. Formula Photographic is very excited to be the official TV and Media Production Partner for the Canadian Rally Championship, starting in 2014 for three years.

About three years ago, the company decided to delve into that data to help improve its matches.

It brought on current VP of strategy analytics Amarnath Thombre to head up the charge.

For 2015, Formula Photographic is included in the mix, with a one-page interview strategically tucked next to the Canadian Grand Prix event preview.

A baby’s first year of life demands absolute nutritional precision.

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Nearly all of us have spent time pondering what makes two people a compatible couple, but few have put as much time, money and Ph. When the site started in 1995, online dating was an obscure (and somewhat dubious) practice.

"We don't know exactly what it is," explains Thombre.