A dog that runs at a level higher than the level for which it is eligible will not receive credit for any points earned at that level. You may either return to a lower level or transfer points from a higher level back to the lower level to complete previously bypassed titles.

These benefits include registration of new dogs at the reduced rate of $20 (normal fee $25); waiving of the $10 fee for permanent height cards; replacement of lost or stolen dog registration cards, permanent height cards and associate membership cards at no cost (normal fee $5 per card).

Associates also receive all awards earned automatically. If purchasing items at the NADAC Shop you also recive a 5% discount on your order All you have to do to become a NADAC Associate is complete and electronically submit the Associate Membership Application which can be found under Exhibitor Resources.

Such qualifying scores will not be converted to points, nor will they count toward titles at any level or be accumulated for lifetime point awards.

In NADAC, dogs are never required to move up in level after completing a lower level title, including the Superior title.

For example, a dog who measures to jump 20” in the Standard division, Proficient category, must enter a trial at 16” in the Standard division, Skilled Category, and will receive the benefit of the additional time allotted to the 16” dogs.

If this same dog is also a Veteran, or is handled by a Veteran/Disabled Handler or Junior Handler, he may enter the Veteran or JH Division and jump another 4” lower.

If a handler wishes to enter a class as a Veteran/Disabled handler, then they must enter all classes and all dogs that they compete with for that weekend in the Veteran/Disabled handler Division.

Dogs entered in the Junior Handler or Veterans Division classes MUST jump 4 inches less than their Standard Division jump height as determined by the jump height table.

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