Perhaps organizers could use a polling tool such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey next year to better predict which sessions need to take place in rooms with lots and lots and lots of chairs.

The sessions I did get into, with only two exceptions, proved to be very valuable to me. Chuck and I are both very comfortable navigating the city using subway and streetcar.

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Graphene is the lightest, strongest, and thinnest material known to mankind.

It is lighter than wood, harder than diamond, and 300 times stronger than steel.

I'm pleased that dedicated ELT professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty are singled out for recognition, such as this year's Sparks of Excellence recipient, Diane Ramanathan. I'm sad, though, to see how much the conference has shrunk in size since my first years in the field. Even the Twitter feed seemed unusually quiet compared to prior years, with @TESLOntario, @Jen Artan, and @Stanza SL (Svetlana Lupasco) doing the lion's share.

I remember when the publishers' exhibit was enormous.

All too often in the ski industry we see companies go with the “shrink it and pink it” technique when producing women’s skis (i.e.

using the same shape and construction of a men’s ski with a feminine color).

It’s refreshing to see Head put so much emphasis on women’s specific skis and it’s ultimately a big reason why they’ve become so popular.

Head’s Joy Collection uses a Nobel-prize winning material called Graphene.

One of these days I'm going to bring a nice dress for the opera house or to see a show.